The Jashan Group of Restaurants is owned by Riaz and his brothers Abbas, Husain, Mumtaz and Abdul. Riaz first came to Cyprus in 1995 and worked at the original Jashan Restaurant in Edremit. From there he moved to Planters Restaurant, again as a waiter. In 1997, Mumtaz came to Cyprus and worked as a chef in an Italian Restaurant. In 1999, Abbas joined them as a waiter at Jashan and Husain came to Cyprus to study. Initially at the Girne American University, then at the East Mediterranean University where he was awarded an MBA. Then in 2000, Riaz took over the original Jashan at Edremit with it's outstanding views across the Northern coast of Cyprus. In 2003 they moved Jashan from its original home Edremit to its current location on the main road in Karaoglanoglu. This was accomplished over one weekend and they were open for business as usual on the Monday. In 2008 Abdul, the youngest brother came to Cyprus when he was just 17 years old and he spoke very little English.

Jashan's was first opened as an Indian Restarant in 1995. In April 2001 Riaz took over Jashan's. He has created something really special so that the whole family can enjoy eating out together. Jashan's has Three fully trained and experienced chefs. One specialises in European cuisine, one in Curries and One in Tandoori. They have a wide range of Turkish, French and Italian wines to accompany your meal ranging from €7.00 - €20.00 per bottle. They also do the children's favourites (chips and beans with everything) to help create your perfect evening. In the Jashan's is really easy to find being on main road in Karaoglanoglu. If you really don't feel like eating out they do takeaways too. On 20th of April 2004, Jashan moved to new location in Karaoglanoglu on the main road. Jashan Indian Restaurant is located near Karaoglanoglu in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). One of the last unspoilt areas of the Mediterranean. It is really easy to find being on the main road.